Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 10 ~ round

Here be bugs and creepy crawlies in and on a felled, gone to moss and mould, tree. The National Trust manages the Holnecote Estate in these parts and a lot of wood is left for the indigenous wildlife.


  1. Know what I see in the shadows, LiZZie? A lady standing & looking to the right, while sipping a cup of tea!

  2. I'm looking Wanda, I'm looking! I can see an old boot on the right which has a hole in its sole. But I want to find the tea drinking lady.

    1. I see the tiny old boot now! It's the darker shading on the end of the log...think of the dark pie wedge at the bottom as her skirt, goes up to an uplifted arm and a billowy head of hair. I'm weird, I know it!

  3. Got it ... you're not weird, or if you are there's lots like you. She's wearing a black satin dress, high necked, Victorian and it flares out at the bottom. I think she's wearing a hat too with a large black bow on the back of it, but I can't see the pattern on the teacup!

  4. There is a whole lot of life left in that decaying log!

  5. The human eye can detect the most variations in the color green.
    No wonder forests are so pretty. So many shade of green.