Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 7 ~ l o n g i n g

Daisy was   l o n g i n g   for her dinner


  1. Daisy looks patient, but determined!

  2. Lizzie, I was choosing between my gnarly tree roots photo and a photo of Hank looking at a bag of kitty food for this post. he looked like he was thinking, if only I had opposable thumbs...

    nice photo!

  3. Daisy is a very determined dog, oh yes, can open cupboards, doors, bins, anything she thinks has food waste, cat food, dog biscuits or pretty much anything edible in. I have to feed the cats on top of the fridge, and she's been known to move chairs so she can stand on a table and attempt to get there too. She's about ten, not sure as this is her fourth home.