Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Week Three - Thing~

In the dark hours of the north,
when the temps are below zero,
this is our helper.

It is a wonderful thing.....


  1. What is it? Some type of defroster/warmer upper THING for someTHING? ☺

  2. Is it a kind of infrared light therapy?

  3. Argument in the Bass household, I say its the end of your extension cord to plug in your engine block warmer, Mike says it is a light, the better to see you way with...

  4. I think you're right Jenean, an engine block warmer...with a light !

  5. Since the last storm we haven't been able to drive to the house. Luckily we can get to the bottom of the drive and can run a cord down the hill. This stub-end cord allows us to plug both cars in at once, and the light lets us know it is connected! After I disconnected in the morning, I hung the end in the willow to keep it out of the snow so it didn't get buried....then thought, "What a wonderful Thing!"