Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week Twenty-Seven - July Sky or Wings in Flight~

These guys were out and about this morning on the pond.  
The overcast skies seem to have pushed more birds closer to the food sources.....

(We are into the second half of 52!  Thanks everyone!!  Clapping and cheering are happening!)


  1. Well captured ~ I'm still waiting for my shot to happen. How did '52' start?

    1. Well, one day Sharon and I were chatting on a social network...she told me about blogs she had seen , folks taking a photo a day, some following themes, so we decide, let's do that....52 weeks in a year so the blog was named that.

    2. Thanks Lizzie! I was really watching the flyers this week to try to find something.

      I have really enjoyed seeing the pictures and ideas from all of your parts of the world through the weeks!!

  2. This has been enjoyable for me too.