Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week 26 ~ June picture from my yard

There was an all too brief break in the storms, so we braved the wind tunnel from the back door to the yard gates across cobbles that was blowing hammering plant pots and debris around the courtyard and walked down to the beach. Once there, with only the camera on my phone I looked back over a battered field of corn in which a corner was given over to poppies. Not exactly my yard I know. My yard is behind Conygar Tower which you can just see on the horizon on the right; in the centre is Dunster Castle silhouetted against the skyline. As good as a yard, sort of ...


  1. The field of corn with poppies in the distance and cloudy skies presents a peaceful view, LiZZie. Storms here left us with a lot of cleanup to do.

  2. You did a great job catching the blowing corn and storm-brewing clouds! Do they harvest the poppies or just let them grow? They must be a bright spot on a dreary day!

  3. The poppies aren't harvested, they certainly cheer the mood. Lots of yellow and white sand growing wild flowers accompany them nearer the shore. The cleaning up sort of gets done for us as rain water cascades down from the moor.