Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week Seventeen - Planting/Gardening~

The snow is melting quickly and I am checking everyday for spring's new growth.

While I am waiting I am inspired by the unexpected blossoms inside our house.....


  1. How do you heat your house? What might be the first signs of new growth? Here it's usually snowdrops, bluebells, primmrose, that sort of thing. There's apple and pear tree blossoms by me but we're having a fearful succession of storms and wind right now.

  2. We built our house to use solar passive heating which usually works great beginning in January. This year we used the wood stove every weekend and most nights we were home. We also have radiant floor heating and baseboard heaters which run off jet fuel.

    The irises are beginning to send up new shoots and it looks like some Forget-me-Knots are leafing out. The willows usually start with a little sunshine. I would love to have all of the blossoms you have at once. We may well have more snow before the ice moves out, but we appreciate all of the sunshine we get!

  3. Looks like a lovely cactus rose to enjoy while waiting for the growth outside to begin!