Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 14 ~ April fool ~



  1. ...looks just like one, did it give you pause, Jenean?

    1. i saw a stick earlier on my walk that did scare me, which gave me the idea, the first stick didn't work in a picture so i started looking for snake sticks....this one looked like it was slithering away, which is good, the first one looked like it was coming at me. i have had a snake wrap it's selves around my ankle on a walk so....I would rather have them going away than toward me!

  2. I freak out with snakes. One of my daughters had one in a terrarium and said it had escaped (this wasn't an April Fool joke) and I was troubled (hysterical). After a terrifying number of hours she found the darned thing coiled up round the light in the inside of the hood lid.